Groupe Projet: the story of a committed, enthusiastic, loyal and persevering team

A story about making all types of projects happen Founded in 2001 by Stéphane Turchetta, Groupe Projet upholds the expertise of a family business in Châteauguay, Montérégie that has been working in various sectors of the construction and demolition industry for two generations. "My father instilled good values like pride and respect in me. He gave me a taste for entrepreneurship," relates Groupe Projet President, Stéphane Turchetta. "My father launched his first business, A&A Démolition, in 1975 followed by a variety of different businesses including Gerpro construction, Conteneur A&A and many more. He was also involved in many building projects such as nursing homes for seniors. In the 2000s, my father began the process of passing the torch to his brother for A&A Démolition and sold his other businesses in order to move gradually towards a well-earned retirement. Conteneur A&A was sold to Groupe Matrec, which became GFL Environnement. Over the course of his career my father was a much respected man and well known as a major player in the areas of demolition, construction, recycling and container rentals. He was even one of the founding members of the association 3RMCDQ."

A family affair and a story about residential, commercial and institutional demolition projects

Groupe Projet is a family affair, a story about projects. Stéphane Turchetta made his reputation first as a demolition entrepreneur. The business was housed in the family basement and offered various services to clients such as selective dismantling, complete demolition of all kinds, asbestos decontamination and fungus (mold) removal, drilling and sawing concrete and renting out heavy and light equipment. Over the years, new areas of activity were added including asbestos decontamination, fungus (mold) removal, mechanical and hydraulic maintenance and repair, welding, rental of containers, transporting materials, sale of containers, bins, trailers and protective cages for forestry equipment, excavation, backfill as well as labour rental. Groupe Projet is well known for dismantling factory equipment, mechanical equipment and land rehabilitation.

An extended family

Groupe Projet is an extended family. With his expertise and on the strength of his group, Stéphane Turchetta acquired Fabrication Dalji in 2019. This allowed him to join forces with David Doyon, currently Vice-president of Atelier Rhinofabric and strengthen his presence on the market. Doyon's father worked in the field of welding and Doyon always preferred the family workshop to daycare. He made his first rabbit cages at the age of 5 at which point he discovered a love of welding. David Doyon started earning money by making and selling outdoor fireplaces and trailers for all terrain vehicles. His career path led him to develop expertise in designing dumper style trailers, platforms and closed trailers. In 2003, Doyon created the company Fabrication Dalji which specializes in the machining of trailers and protective cages for forestry equipment. Known for his artistry, imagination, dexterity and attention to detail, Atelier Rhinofabric's Vice-president always uses his welding handle when designing projects for his clients.

Recognized by 3RMCDQ, the CETEQ and RECYC-QUÉBEC

Groupe Projet caters to the needs of sectors that include demolition, supply of containers and transporting material and dry materials (CRD) for eco-centres, transhipment centres, general contractors, renovators, promoters, private businesses and many others in the commercial, institutional, industrial and municipal sectors of the Greater Montreal area. We are members of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), the Autorité des marchés publics (AMP), the 3RMCDQ Regroupement des Récupérateurs et des Recycleurs de Matériaux de Construction et de Démolition du Québec, the Conseil des entreprises en technologies environnementales du Québec (CETEQ) and RECYC-QUÉBEC.

Independent Rotobec Distributor:

another step forward with success

In 2019, the Rhinobac division became one of the independent distributors of Rotobec company products in the Greater Montreal region. Rotobec specializes in manufacturing and marketing equipment for steel recycling and for handling waste, freight and bulk material in 40 countries around the world. We are very proud of this partnership.