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Demolition and deconstruction of houses, commercial and industrial buildings following accepted practice


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Building stripping

In terms of stripping, this is an even more delicate task than demolition. This service must respect the same principles and rules as demolition, but more thoroughly. Indeed, it is a method that is used when the structure is in good condition and one wishes to reuse it, especially for the purpose of reconfiguring the parts of a building or part of the building.  In all cases, it is a matter of carefully removing each element of the structure, such as plaster, insulation, flooring, electrical wires, pipes and even beams from the walls, where possible and according to the needs of the project, in order to retain only the outer shell and certain electromechanical elements.

Asbestos decontamination to protect health

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Sawing and drilling of concrete requires precision work and our team will accompany you in the realization of your project with its great expertise. We have several types of cutting-edge saws and drills that can succeed in any type of project successfully. We can also take care of your excavation as well as the arrangement of concrete from your trenches or any other project. We have several sizes of tools equipped with catalysts and electrical equipment (Bobcat and mini-shovel) to reach all confined spaces. We also have different shovel sizes with concrete pulverisers. Use our know-how by entrusting us with your projects, whether small or large. However, before doing such work it is crucial to verify what may be under the slabs or in the structure such as electrical wires, water pipes or gas. Of course, we advise you to work with a recognized detection company to avoid pipe cuts that could result in significant additional costs due to damage caused during sawing or drilling.


First, floor finishes such as carpets, ceramics, vinyl tile coatings, linoleum, hardwood and many other components must be removed using powerful battery and electrical-powered equipment. Removing floor finishes unveils the slab’s imperfections. Thereafter we will grind the slabs which will prepare the concrete surface for the application of products by correcting the profile and making the texture more uniform and cleaning the floor using diamond machines. This solution is mainly used to remove glue, grout, paint or other existing residues. It achieves the CSP (Concrete Surface Profile). Pro-Jet uses electrical and battery-powered equipment that meets the highest dust requirements of the CNESST. Equipment connected to "HEPA" filter vacuum cleaners has seen their dust emissions significantly reduced, leaving a clean work environment.

Equipment and labour rental

Need additional help for the job? You can count on us! Our team is made up of skilled and experienced workers who can assist you in carrying out your work. We can provide you with all the equipment and tools you need for all types of jobs to be done. Our reputation is well established, we are recognized for our speed of execution and our guaranteed professional service. We have an RBQ (building authority) license, insurance and all of our workforce has the competency cards that are required by the CCQ (Quebec Construction Commission and CNESST; Standards, Fairness, Health and Safety Commission).