Rotobec distributor

The Rhinobac division is recognized among the largest. We ensure the distribution of handling equipment from the manufacturer Rotobec.

Rotobec is a family-owned business located in Sainte-Justine, Quebec, Canada. Founded in 1975, the name Rotobec means the "Rotations of Quebec." The introduction of the rotary hydraulic system has been an important innovation in the forestry industry. It has allowed operators to improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce downtime. Over the years, Rotobec has diversified into steel recycling, waste handling, railroad and bulk equipment. Today, thousands of customers trust Rotobec in more than 40 countries around the world. We are proud to design and manufacture almost all of our components - produced in our facilities in Quebec and New Hampshire. We use the most advanced technology throughout the design and manufacturing process. The result is the most robust handling equipment on the market.


Rotobec designs, manufactures and markets handling equipment, using the technology of rotary hydraulic systems, which enable their users to optimize their operations. Rotobec encourages the involvement of its staff and believes that the company is a reflection of the performance of its employees.


With our extensive network of distributors and agents, Rotobec has experienced remarkable growth over the years. The company has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of grapples and chargers.